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Recorded in 2015  

 1. Exaltation Medley: He Is Exalted / Be Exalted, O God / I Exalt Thee

 2. Lord Jesus, You Shall Ve My Song (Soloists:Jennifer Kaffman, Kenton Yoder)

 3. Jesus Savior, Pilot Me (Trio: Katrina, Melinda, Wesley Sommers)

 4. Under Control (Solo: Martin Schrock)

 5. Stand Still

 6. Be Strong and Take Courage

 7. All the Kings Men (Men's voices)

 8. Merciful Savior

 9. Come As You Are (Trio: Jenette, Jennifer, Joshua Kaffman)

10. I've Learned to Know a Name

11. Daddy, Never Run (Solo: Michael Yoder)

12. Nothing Greater Than Grace (Ladies' voices)

13. Take Our Bread

14. Gettin' Ready Today



A Song for the Journey

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