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Who are The Mountain Anthems?

The Mountain Anthems are a chorus from The Mountain View Mennonite Church at Salisbury, Pa, who sing gospel songs and hymns in 4 parts acapella.


Who does the chorus consist of?

About 30 people from The Mountain View Mennonite Church, mostly young people. No one is auditioned on vocal or musical ability. But there are some

character requirements which are adhered to, that of evidence in a singers life that he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and takes responsibility

at home, cheerfully, etc. Our director is Michael Yoder.


How did the chorus get started?

In the 1950s, Menno Beachy, the founder of the chorus and 1st director was asked to start a singing school to teach music rudements to the young people

in our church and they started getting requests to give programs and the schedule of programs grew to what it is today.


How do we travel?

We trave in a MCI inter-city coach, approximately making 35 to 40 appearances each year. Most of the time, we are within 4 or 5 hours of home.


What is our normal travel schedule?

Salisbury, Pa. is at a higher elevation, about 5 or 6 miles from the top of Mt. Davis, the highest point in the state of Pennsylvania, which has an elevation of 2900 feet. Hence we have a strong possibility of some deep snow in December thru February and during that time we usally do not travel much. It also provides for a much needed period of time to be at home on a regular basis.


Is The Mountain Anthems chorus an independent organization?

The Mountain View Mennonite Church commissions the chorus to carry out the ministry, but we are self governed and our support comes from free-will offerings and sales of CDs and a few books, which can be ordered online at this site, or usually purchased at The Mountain Anthems' concert recording table.

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