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Both of these recordings were recorded in 1972

'Til the Storm... / Where No One...

  • 'Til the Storm Passes By
    1. Bless the Lord
    2. I Need Thy Pardon Lord
    3. Am I a Soldier of the Cross
    4. The Music of Heaven (solos: Pauline Swartzentruber,
    Verda Tice
    5. One Drop of the Blood
    6. A Home in Heaven (solo: Robert Miller, duet: Robert
    Miller, Ruth Miller)
    7. I'll Have a New Life
    8. The Lord is My Light
    9. Quiet Sea
    10. Soldiers of Christ Arise
    11. O Sing Unto the Lord (solos: Shirley Yoder, Alma Beachy)
    12. The Treasures of Heaven
    13. Secret Prayer (duet: Phil Beachy, Naomi Beachy)
    14. 'Til the Storm Passes By
    Where No One Stand Alone
    15. Where No One Stands Alone (solo: Menno Beachy)
    16. Surely Goodness and Mercy
    17. He Took Away My Yesterdays (trio: Shirley, Irene and
    Glenda Yoder)
    18. Blessed Are the People
    19. I Love Jesus
    20. There is a Happy Land (high alto: Pauline Yoder)
    21. Where Will You Be (solo: Phil Beachy)
    22. Lord, I Thank You
    23. I Will Sing of the Mercies (high alto: Pauline Yoder)
    24. The Cross Made the Difference (trio: Shirley, Irene and
    Glenda Yoder)
    25. Jesus Prayed Alone (duet: Verda Tice, Pauline Yoder)
    26. He Knows Just What I Need (quartet: Shirley, Glenn and
    Pauline Yoder, Marvin Kinsinger)
    27. Jesus Signed My Pardon (duet: Phil Beachy, Naomi Beachy)
    28. Waiting at the Cross (reading: Alma Beachy, Paul
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