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Lord Jesus Come recorded in 1975 
I'm Free recorded in 1977

Lord Jesus Come / I'm Free

  • Lord Jesus Come
    1. Because He Lives
    2. I'm Depending on Jesus (solo: Eli Yoder)
    3. Someone Will Be Waiting
    4. Sweet Jesus (solo: Ann Beachy)
    5. Rock of Ages
    6. Castles in the Sand (Yoder trio)
    7. He Looked Beyond My Fault
    8. If That Isn't Love
    9. I Will Serve Thee
    10. Never Ending Joy
    11. Amazing Love
    12. At the Crossing
    13. Led by the Master's Hand (solo: Eli Yoder)
    14. The Man on the Middle Cross
    15. Hallelujah Square (choric reading: Menno Beachy)
    16. Lord Jesus Come
    I'm Free
    17. Let's Just Praise the Lord
    18. So Many Reasons
    19. Remind Me, Dear Lord
    20. Because He Cares (Schrock trio)
    21. I'm Free
    22. What a Beautiful Day
    23. Until Then (solo: Menno Beachy)
    24. The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me
    25. Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow
    26. The Stranger of Galilee (solo: Ann Beachy)
    27 These Drops of Blood
    28. Jesus Wants to Heal Your Broken Heart (Beachy quartet)
    29. (In the Valley) He Restoreth My Soul
    30. I Know a Man Who Can (solo: Eli Yoder)
    31. Medley: Alas and Did My Savior Bleed/I'm Happy Today
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