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Recorded in 1989

Bloodwashed Band

  • 1. Come Bless the Lord / Thy Loving Kindness
    2. Blood-Washed Band / God's Got an Army
    3. So Sweet is the Spirit
    4. He Paid a Debt
    5. I'm the Lamb (solo: Martin Schrock)
    6. Soon and Very Soon
    7. Come on Home (solo: Menno Beachy)
    8. I Found the Lily in My Valley (solo: Loretta Tice)
    9. Boundless Love
    10. His Name is Higher
    11. Is That the Lights of Home
    12. Take Time to be Holy / Rise Up O Men of God
    13. Caught Up Together
    14. What a Happy Meeting
    15. The Lord's Prayer (solo: Michael Lanteigne)
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